Accountable Care Organization Services

MED3OOO Provides the essential elements for ACO Infrastructure and development success including:

  • Strategy & Operational Readiness
  • Technologies (including EHR)
  • Operations
  • Connectivity/Security/Compliance
  • MED3OOO IQ Analytics
  • Business and Clinical Outcomes Management
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Practice Management Services

MED3OOO Offers Full Practice Management Services to Large Physician Groups and Networks, Including:

  • Strategic & Operational Consulting
  • Technologies (including PM/EHR/RCM)
  • Operations & Administration
  • Connectivity/Security/Compliance
  • MED3OOO IQ Analytics
  • Business and Clinical Performance Management
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Revenue Cycle & Data Management

Focused on maximizing revenue, enhancing cash flow, and cost efficiency, MED3OOO delivers billing and collection services for:

  • Multi-Specialty
  • Single-Specialty
    • Pathology/Laboratory
    • Radiology
    • Anesthesia
  • MED3OOO IQ Analytics
  • EMS
    • Emergency Transports
    • Private Transports
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MED3OOO's InteGreat EHR with Quippe™ Creates Templates On-The-Fly!

  • Cloud Based InteGreat-EHR
  • Smart Communications
  • MED3OOO IQ Analytics
  • Data Center Hosting/Reporting/Security
  • ASP EHR Applications
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Practice Management (PM) Products

We leverage our InteGreat PM to deliver a best of breed system, but can also host partner PM systems. Find out more about our InteGreat PM or any other PM systems we support.

  • Cloud Based PM-InteGreat
  • Smart Communications
  • MED3OOO IQ Analytics
  • Data Center Hosting/Reporting/Security
  • ASP PM Applications
  • Billing Company Solutions-MEDFM
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MED3OOO/IQ Data Analytics

MED3OOO IQ reports enable practice leaders to drill down into the data to identify actionable growth strategies and solutions to problems.

  • Single System Data Capture & Warehousing
  • Multi System Data Capture & Warehousing
  • MED3OOO IQ Analytics-Evidenced Based Management Reporting
  • MED3OOO IQ Analytics-Evidenced Based Medicine Reporting
  • MED3OOO IQ ACO-Business & Clinical Population Mgt Reporting
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MED3OOO is now part of McKesson

Two exceptional companies have come together to help customers deliver better financial and clinical health.

McKesson and MED3OOO bring together the power of two market leaders with extensive domain expertise and superior technologies to help providers and other customers improve their operations and achieve better business and clinical health.

Now under the McKesson brand portfolio, MED3OOO offers expanded capabilities to help customers successfully address growing health care complexity and achieve their full potential as part of McKesson's Better Health 2020™ strategy. 

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